Al started his coaching journey as a motivational speaker in 1994. He lectured about achieving your dreams to 300 high school kids in a small gymnasium. He quickly embraced his position as role model, and focused new energy on counseling troubled teens in crises situations.

“When I did my first motivational speech I felt a surge of energy throughout my entire body,” Al says. “At the time I thought it was the 300 kids that made me feel that way. I have since learned that it was my ability to open a channel within myself that allowed me to feel that way and I have spent the last 18 years understanding how to unlock that internal power. Now I want to share it with the masses.”

It is all our destinies to share the love that we are with the world. - Al Fuentes

It is all our destinies to share the love that we are with the world. - Al Fuentes

The minute Al started looking for answers an amazing thing happened, people started coming to him looking for answers as well. As a young college student Al found himself working with trouble teens at a teen suicide intervention center. Later he was approached to be a peer counselor at the university he attended.

“I distinctly remember thinking, I don’t even have the answers. Why are people coming to me? But then when I would sit down and just listen to people, I found myself sharing a part of me with them. Before I knew it, I was giving them solutions. Honestly, I didn’t even know where the information was coming from. I felt like I was being guided, like this was my purpose in life.”

It was at that point, early in his career, that he felt a shift in his energy. He had a clear direction and spent the next 5 years developing his skills as a personal coach. Then, tragedy struck his life. Al would feel another major shift in his life and it would not come out of a joyful experience.

It was late in the day when he got a call at work, “Al, you need to come up to Toledo right away, there has been an accident,” he recalled his sister in-law saying. “I remember the minute I heard those words, somehow I knew, my father had just died." His voice got shaky, "he was killed at work in a very controversial accident that left a lot of people asking questions. For me the only question I was asking was why... why him, why so young?

I remember it was at that point I had two choices, shut down my heart and block out the pain or open it up completely. I chose to open it up completely although I did not know it at the time.

Shortly after his death I was watching the news and I remember them covering the struggle that was going on in Africa at the time. In that moment I felt myself there, feeling there pain, and a tear ran down my face. Days later I felt like I could feel everyone’s pain around me and all I wanted to do was help them, but it was hard. Things were still cloudy for me because of my dad's death. I felt like I had lost a part of myself.” Then Al smiled and said, “that is when the real journey began for me.”

For a time, Al continued to struggle. Even through all the challenges in his life, from bad relationships to money struggles, he figured out how to grow. During that time he really started to discover himself and his own power. At the end of it all, the one thing that was more clear than anything else was, he couldn’t completely heal on his own. “None of us can,” Al says compassionately. “For me there were two people in that moment that helped me discover myself, my teacher, Claudette Cleveland and my wife, Michelle.”

He describes Claudette in many ways using power words like teacher, master, coach, and guide. “I have learned how to become a coach from how I was coached. Total love, compassion, non-judgment, and being completely present in the moment with each client or group.”

Al was taught how to self source, how to feed himself internally instead of looking to other people, experiences, or material possessions to make him happy or feel whole. He goes on to explain, “because of all the struggles I have had in my life it created a lot of anger. Any time I tried to get rid of it I would just get replace it with more negativity. I had this void inside of me and I always tried to fill it with external sources. What I did not realize was that the void was a bottomless pit and no matter how much I tried to fill it, I would never feel better. That is when Claudette helped me understand that I had to heal the void from within. She taught me how to use my natural ability to heal along with the power of my own energy to dissolve the void."

Once Al was able to go through the process of self source healing, he then started a journey of helping others to do the same. In the last 7 years Al has helped over a thousand clients discover their own power and heal themselves from within. In many cases he saw his clients healing their physical body as well as dissolving their emotional voids. He feels the biggest key to his success is, his clients desire to want to heal. “I feel like I am a channel of universal knowledge. The clients take this information and use it to heal themselves, I am just blessed to be a part of it.”

Al is modest in his effect on people and his approach to serving others. His ability to help people comes naturally and the techniques are simple, yet profound. “Everyone already knows how to breath and see images in their mind. I just teach them how to use what they already know to help them heal themselves.”