Coaching All Walks Of Life - Coaching some of the most amazing people in the world has led me on some pretty fantastic adventures. It has also allowed me to work with people on a wide variety of issues. People always ask me what my niche is. Truthfully, in the beginning I thought I would have a niche but once I realized how universal my system was, I knew that I could not pigeon hole myself to one group or type of people. This is a true testament of how amazing the system really is.

Why My System Is So Universal - When it comes to the brain, no matter what your issue is, the reason why you are struggling is because you cannot change how the subconscious mind is firing--even when you consciously understand what is going on or worse, don't realize what is happening. The techniques are specific to the brain and how it fires, not why it is firing the way it is. That is why it works with everyone who wants to change and puts in the work by using my techniques.

The Diverse Clients - I have a lot of stories of people I have helped throughout my career. One of my favorite stories is the woman who wanted to get pregnant. She was referred to me after struggling with trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years! She asked me if my coaching could help her, and I instantly said yes! I am sure you have heard many stories where people have tried to get pregnant, trying all kinds of methods, and not being able to do so; then, as a result they decide to adopt. Once the pressure is off and they have their adopted child, they suddenly get pregnant. The reason why is because of the amazing amount of chemicals firing in the body as a result of the brain. The body is in so much distress because of the mental pressure, it could not possibly function properly enough to have a baby. Once the pressure is gone, the body can relax enough--and usually does--to have a baby. At this point I should note that she had no known medical issues preventing her from having a baby and doctors could not explain the situation. I told her that if she used my system to get her body out of a distressed state, then she would be able to have a baby. But, she would have to follow the system. She promised to follow the system and within only three months, she was pregnant. I never thought my system would actually help people to have babies! To actually help bring life into this world through my coaching is such a blessing!

I could tell story after story of success but will spare you the long, drawn out novel. The one thing I will say is that the common denominator to my clients' results is the fact that they used the system. I mean they were disciplined every day and had the desire to make it work. That is the key because what I am teaching you to do is reprogram the brain, which does not happen after only one session. The homework that you do in between sessions is where all the real work takes place. Do this and you will be just as successful as my other clients.

Here is a short list of the success stories:

  • Helping men and women through divorce
  • Helping parents teach their kids love out of struggle
  • Helping heal various "mysterious" ailments that are unexplainable by doctors. 
  • Helping a woman free herself from the pain of molestation
  • Helping those who have lost a spouse reconnect with themselves and free them of the pain of loss
  • Helping those who are trying to find their path in life
  • Helping women ignite their sexual power and transfer it into igniting their spiritual power
  • Helping people with eating disorders

Whatever your situation or issues are, I am confident that I can help you. Just know that this is a partnership, you are not just coming to me hoping I will just do something to you. It takes both of us to make this work. If you put in the work, you will get the results you are looking for. Call me today at 323-786-3693 or email

Humans think that pain is needed in order to grow. This is the negative ego’s way of making it ok. This is not the way.
— Al Fuentes
The best part of what I do is seeing people find themselves. - Al Fuentes

The best part of what I do is seeing people find themselves. - Al Fuentes

Brain Science

The majority of your brain's firing is done in the subconscious. Every emotional pattern, behavioral trait, fear, doubt, and worry lies in the subconscious mind. This means every limitation you have comes from a space you cannot control under traditional emotional coaching.

Most traditional psychologists or counselors will try to effect change in the brain by using the conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious mind. This means talking out the problems to get a new perspective on a situation, belief, or ideal. As a result, changes in the subconscious mind often take years--if at all--because not enough energy is being generated in conversation to reprogram the subconscious mind. 

The body already bypasses the conscious mind on a regular basis. The ability to deliberately use the body to tap into the subconscious mind takes very little effort, just an awareness and understanding how to use it. By using the physical body, you can generate the appropriate energy needed to actually change how the subconscious mind fires. This is what allows for such powerful results in Al Fuentes' Coaching System.

By learning how the body does this, you too can create real change of long term programming just like many of Al's diverse clients have. Here is some of the subconscious rewiring that can be done:

  • Self Sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear of Lack
  • Money Issues
  • Choosing the Toughest Path
  • Emotional Roller Coasters
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Never Being Good Enough
  • Self Doubt
  • Insomnia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Creativity Blocks