I have worked with classically trained musicians from Juilliard, singer-songwriters, and rap/hip hop artists. My clients' experiences are wide in range with a short list including everything from being a concert master for shows such as America's Got Talent,  Phantom of the Opera in New York, The Philharmonic Orchestra; to lead rapper for an International Rap/Hip Hop Concert tour; to songwriting for major labels. 

Helping musicians get results is not about the genre, type of artist, or whether you play an instrument. It is about the mindset that it takes to channel the music and energy to deliver a world class performance at any level. 

Like many artists, your entire success is based on being judged by an individual or group of people, whether it's a record label, producer, composer, or audience. Because you know you are going to be judged by others, you heavily judge yourself in every little thing you do.  Soon, the programming sets in that you are never good enough. To complicate matters, you are an artist and society has made it an industry standard that you will suffer and struggle as a "starving artist" before you will become successful. This creates a mindset that pain is your muse and motivation to become something. You befriend pain and think it is what inspires you to do great work. Essentially you are using negative fuel, "the darkness," to try to create a successful career. This actually might even work on some level but at the cost of your confidence and security. Musicians are extreme and often the things you try to do to get rid of the pain, like drugs and alcohol, are extreme as well. You know one speed, and it is full blast in everything you do. With all of the emotional chaos firing in the body, eventually you will fall.

My system teaches a better way, a more efficient and effective way. One that uses positive fuel to help you achieve success. A system that helps you tap into the the unlimited creativity to play, produce, write, sing, and share your craft.


Clearing The Mind - In order to have a performance that is free of all outside thought, positive or negative, you must have a clear mind. One that is completely connected to each moment of each note, to the emotion needing to be felt in a song, and to lyrics that are sung. This takes so much energy, more than people could understand.

My system allows you to instantaneously stop the firing in the brain and completely get present in the moment. This is only possible by using the physical body to stop the firing of the mental body. This creates a cleaner, more pure performance.

Tapping Into The Creative Mind - Every musician has to tap into his/her creative mind in order to produce new and unique material. When you are faced with mental blocks that prevent you from creating, you literally are at a stand still. 

My system helps you to free the emotional cloudiness from the mind, allowing you to access deeper levels of creativity by consciously firing in theta and delta brain frequencies. These are scientifically proven to be the most powerful and creative frequencies of the brain. This produces real results in your life. 

The "IT" Factor - This is nothing more than understanding how to generate and send your inner energy outward. To create a feeling in others that makes them want to listen to you, be around you, connect with you, and watch you. Some people naturally have the "IT" factor, but it is something that can be learned and my system can show you how. You will be surprised at how quickly you are able to access this once you understand the principles of generating energy using the theta and delta frequencies in the brain while conscious.

There are many more techniques in my system that help musicians every day to achieve success in their life. Contact me today to learn more 323-786-3693 or


Brain Science

The majority of your brain's firing is done in the subconscious. Every emotional pattern, behavioral trait, fear, doubt, and worry lies in the subconscious mind. This means every limitation you have comes from a space you cannot control under traditional emotional coaching. 

Most traditional psychologists or counselors will try to effect change in the brain by using the conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious mind. This means talking out the problems to get a new perspective on a situation, belief, or ideal. As a result, changes in the subconscious mind often take years--if at all--because not enough energy is being generated in conversation to reprogram the subconscious mind. 

The body already bypasses the conscious mind on a regular basis. The ability to deliberately use the body to tap into the subconscious mind takes very little effort, just an awareness and understanding how to use it. By using the physical body, you can generate the appropriate energy needed to actually change how the subconscious mind fires. This is what allows for such powerful results in Al Fuentes' Coaching System.

By learning how the body does this, you too can create real change of long term programming just like many of Al's diverse clients have. Here is some of the subconscious rewiring that can be done:

  • Self Sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear of Lack
  • Money Issues
  • Choosing the Toughest Path
  • Emotional Roller Coasters
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Never Being Good Enough
  • Self Doubt
  • Insomnia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Creativity Blocks

Humans think that pain is needed in order to grow. This is the negative ego’s way of making it ok. This is not the way.
— Al Fuentes