How The Mind Works - It is common knowledge that athletic performance is 75% mental, some people even say 90%. But, what does that really mean? You cannot just forget to train physically, otherwise you won't be in the shape needed to perform. What scientists really mean is that to even physically get to where you want to be, you must understand the mind's role. To perform consistently or get in "the zone" actually takes place in the mind, not the body. Reaching the top level of your sport does not happen because you are physically superior, it happens because you are mentally superior. My system actually teaches you how to get in "the zone" on command by understanding first how the brain works, then using the physical body to control it. Yes that is right, I am going to teach you how to use your physical body, that you know so well, to access your mind to increase its performance.

There is so much chemical firing your mind does that you don't even realize. Just the increase in pressure to perform fires a tremendous amount of chemicals in the body; chemicals that get into the blood stream and displace oxygen, making you feel tired or fatigued. Then the fears, doubts and worries start firing in the mind and body.  Before you know it, the competition is over and you are trying to remember what happened. This is just some of the science of what takes place in the mind and body. Again, my system is specifically designed to help you counter these performance issues. Check out the Testimonials Page to hear firsthand from my athletes.
Why The Negativity Catches Up To You - Due to being extreme in nature in order to be an elite or professional athlete, many have personal issues that affect their athletic performance--yet they have no outlet to release the emotional baggage. Others have used fear or negativity to push them to succeed. Like all athletes, your entire success is based on results, and the results you are getting are never good enough. Soon, this programming sets in and creates a mindset that is filled with negative pressure to perform. At some point this will, if it hasn't already, be too overwhelming for you to perform at your best. Essentially, you are using negative fuel to try to create a successful career. Even if this has worked in the past, it has been at the cost of your confidence and security. My system teaches you how to use positive fuel to motivate you to heights you never thought possible in your athletic career.

Other benefits of athlete coaching include:

  • Overall increase in performance
  • Increased physical regeneration of the body after practice or injury
  • Improve existing chronic conditions, like asthma or knee pain
  • Dissolve game day fear and anxiety that inhibits performance
  • Increase VO2 max
  • Improve mental strength and confidence
  • Train the mind to control the body vs. the body controlling the mind
  • Improve athletes consistency in performance


In order to understand the mind and body partnership, you have to realize how we have been tricked into thinking that the mind actually controls (dictates) what the body will do. This is actually FALSE! If the mind truly controlled the body, then anytime we wanted to instantly heal from an injury we would just say "heal now" and it would be healed. Or, if we wanted to jump from the ground to the top of a three story building, we could just say in our mind, "jump now!"

At best, your mind can partner with your body. Your mind can ask your body to do something, then your body decides whether it will oblige or not. There is a specific form of communication that you have to have with the body in order for it to do what you are asking it to do. My system is designed to teach you how to communicate with your body to create the ultimate mind and body partnership. 

Every one of my athletes who has used my system has seen results from the mind and body partnership. I personally take advantage of this mind and body system, and have achieved amazing results. Like my clients, I have reduced injury, eliminated sickness, healed old injuries, and increased strength. Below are some fun videos to demonstrate this partnership I have developed. 



Brain Science

The majority of your brain's firing is done in the subconscious. Every emotional pattern, behavioral trait, fear, doubt, and worry lies in the subconscious mind. This means every limitation you have comes from a space you cannot control under traditional emotional coaching.

Most traditional psychologists or counselors will try to effect change in the brain by using the conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious mind. This means talking out the problems to get a new perspective on a situation, belief, or ideal. As a result, changes in the subconscious mind often take years--if at all--because not enough energy is being generated in conversation to reprogram the subconscious mind. 

The body already bypasses the conscious mind on a regular basis. The ability to deliberately use the body to tap into the subconscious mind takes very little effort, just an awareness and understanding how to use it. By using the physical body, you can generate the appropriate energy needed to actually change how the subconscious mind fires. This is what allows for such powerful results in Al Fuentes' Coaching System.

By learning how the body does this, you too can create real change of long term programming just like many of Al's diverse clients have. Here is some of the subconscious rewiring that can be done:

  • Self Sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fear of Lack
  • Money Issues
  • Choosing the Toughest Path
  • Emotional Roller Coasters
  • Lack of Self Confidence
  • Never Being Good Enough
  • Self Doubt
  • Insomnia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Creativity Blocks

Humans think that pain is needed in order to grow. This is the negative ego’s way of making it ok. This is not the way.
— Al Fuentes


Did You Know?

Most professional athletes fail to focus on the three core components of performance. 

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