MINDFUL YOGA SEMINAR - Empower the mind while celebrating the body

MINDFUL YOGA SEMINAR - Empower the mind while celebrating the body


Saturday April 11th 2-4pm at Loka Yoga - 15 Church Street, 2ND floor Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

Maximize your yoga experience by creating a true partnership between the mind and the body. Discover how to communicate with the body in a way that creates a deep trust resulting in increased balance, performance and improved health. In this seminar, you will learn a system of personal mental and physical empowerment that will combine a unique process of breathing, visualization, and yoga to help you take the power back in your life. So bring your yoga mat and get ready for an enlightening night where you are given the tools to achieve harmony with your mind, body, and spirit.

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Al Fuentes Bio

Al has spent the last 22 years motivating and changing people's lives. His teachings and wisdom have spanned the globe, as he has quietly been teaching spiritual leaders and gurus how to bring empowerment back into their practice and to the people they lead. 

He has done profound work with his clients, leading to being written about in two books, interviewed on nationally syndicated television, and filmed in a documentary. Recently, he has started publishing his teachings and quotes. True to the ancient wisdom Al receives, his teachings are simple yet life changing.

Through his travels he has learned many spiritual practices from various shamans, monks and gurus. This, along with deep channeling meditations, has helped him discover that in order for true enlightenment to be attained it must be reached through the normalcy of life. People do not need to make major changes in their life to become enlightened. It can happen within everything that they are already doing. 

Even one session with Al leaves people seeing and feeling the world differently. People walk away with real tools that they can put into action to change their life. Everyone has the ability to change and achieve enlightenment, and working with Al awakens them to this and many other astonishing abilities. His tools enable clients to continue on that path outside of their sessions, which is paramount. Al acts as the light to show them their true self, help them through the initial stages when they are not quite sure of their self, and act as reinforcement and reassurance when they fall down along the way.

Watching so many people’s lives change through his coaching, only motivates him to reach that many more. As a result, Al recently founded Oness International, a non-profit organization that helps create equality through self empowering people. This organization goal is to create centers all around the world that will be designed to teach people how to actually teach themselves to heal their mind and body--holding true to his belief that everyone is their own teacher/guru.