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        Click the picture to download a free copy.

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Al Fuentes Bio:

Al has spent the last 22 years sharing love and wisdom with people while watching them change their own life with the words that he shares. His influence and energy has spanned the globe as he has quietly been teaching many high level CEO’s and fortune 500 companies, as well as professional athletes. The results speak for themselves as the work that Al has done with his clients has generated over 100 million dollars in new money, world titles, national championships, and olympic medals. This has led him to be written about in two books, interviewed on nationally syndicated television, and filmed in a documentary. In 2013 he began publishing his teachings and quotes. True to the ancient wisdom Al receives, his words are simple yet life changing.

This book is a compilation of his personal quotes and writings that have helped shape him into the being he is today. It is his desire to share them with you now. He encourages you to use this book as a key to unlock your own truth within. Don’t take the words themselves as truth, but take them in and create your own truth with the words you read. You are your own answer, teacher, and guru.

The book is still available for purchase on iTunes, but he has made it free so that more people can access it. If this book resonates with you and you would like to make a donation of gratitude, please click the link the donate button. Only do this if it is your desire, as this book was given unconditionally to you and does not require a response.