Higher Mind Yoga

I am SO excited to announce this dynamic event with the amazing @bymackk

Mark your calendars for MARCH 28th 7:15pm-8:45pm to experience Higher Mind Yoga: Empowered and Elevated Movement. 
We’ve created this experience which combines open-eyed meditation with yoga movement. This centers the front of the mind while activating and LIGHTING UP your deeper consciousness. 

Who doesn’t want to be more deeply connected and awake, right?! Meet us at @themadisonphx for a Thursday evening that will dynamically shift you more into yourself, into your conscious and subconscious mind. Whether you’re an everyday yogi, a teacher, or someone who’s never stepped on the mat before, this is an ALL LEVELS experience. 

Come get POWERFULLY connected with us.

Cost: $25 at the door.

Make it an empowered & elevated week.

With deep love,
- Al



These are pictures of Al's brain measured by an EEG (electroencephalogram). It demonstrates Al's powerful ability to control his brain, showing that his mental training techniques are effective. There are many remarkable things to note about the test results. To be able to change--on command (the before and after pictures)--how much of the brain could fire in the prefrontal cortex through all the bands (Gamma - Theta) is outstanding!

Proof that Al definitely "walks the walk" when it comes to mental control and brain performance. There are many testimonials of his clients achieving the same success on his website.