It was great to talk to you all! Remember you are all as powerful as you want to be! Download the visualizations, the notes, and reach out to me with any questions. 

Team Talk #1

  • Elite Athlete Plan
  • Unconditional Confidence
  • Mind and Body Partnership

Daily Visualization (Do this every morning to train the brain)

Team Talk Recording (Re-Listen to the talk and take notes)

Team Talk #2

  • Positive Fuel
  • Your are the Proof
  • Team Unity


In order to understand the mind and body partnership, you have to realize how we have been tricked into thinking that the mind actually controls (dictates) what the body will do. This is actually FALSE! If the mind truly controlled the body, then anytime we wanted to instantly heal from an injury we would just say "heal now" and it would be healed. Or, if we wanted to jump from the ground to the top of a three story building, we could just say in our mind, "jump now!"

At best, your mind can partner with your body. Your mind can ask your body to do something, then your body decides whether it will oblige or not. There is a specific form of communication that you have to have with the body in order for it to do what you are asking it to do. My system is designed to teach you how to communicate with your body to create the ultimate mind and body partnership. 

Every one of my athletes who has used my system has seen results from the mind and body partnership. I personally take advantage of this mind and body system, and have achieved amazing results. Like my clients, I have reduced injury, eliminated sickness, healed old injuries, and increased strength. Below are some fun videos to demonstrate this partnership I have developed. 


“Becoming a champion happens long before the contest ever begins, even before the practice starts. It happens the minute you believe it is possible.”

”You must not judge yourself based on your results, for it is your intention and desire that determines your success.”

”Love does not make you weak, as it is behind every championship. It is the fuel that gives you purpose.”
— Al Fuentes


Did You Know?

Most professional athletes fail to focus on the three core components of performance. 

Mental | Health | Nutrition