If you want to train the mind, you must look at everything that affects the mind. You cannot work solely on the mind to get total results. It may be a starting point, but you must inevitably work on health and nutrition; some people even start in one of the other areas then realize they need to work on changing their mindset on a deeper level. No matter where you start, you cannot ignore that each of these three areas affect one another. In my mental immersion program, we do just that--ensuring success in all areas.
Working on the mental pillar is essential to the other pillars of life. The days of ambiguously trying to use the mind to control the mind are over; in other words, the time for talk is over and it is now time to take action. My techniques teach you how to use your physical body to regulate your mind. This unique approach to controlling the mind is the main reason why my clients achieve success. Once you have control of the mind, you start to change the way it fires--removing years of old mental patterns that have been preventing you from achieving what you want in life.

Your health encompasses everything physical, from how (if) you exercise to how you recover. Understanding how to incorporate your mind into your physical training and recovery is key to maximizing your results. When you learn how to use your mind to activate your body, it straightens your mental abilities and you are able to create a true oneness between the mind and body. This increases overall self-confidence in your personal life, business, and/or sport!
The food that you eat has a huge impact on how you think and how you physically feel; supplements also play a role in your mental and physical stimulation. Most people understand this at a basic level, but did you know that what you eat sends either positive or negative messages to the mind and the body? Yes, the food you are eating is most likely reinforcing the negative thought patterns in your brain. Understanding how to eat mindfully will complete the circle of total mental health and support a more efficient body in the process. Food will become a positive experience by elevating your mood and erasing old emotions every time you eat!

A 3-Day Comprehensive Mental Immersion Program


This is a total mind, body, health, & nutritional program designed to be a life changing experience!

This program is designed for people who want to make a complete change mentally, physically, and emotionally. In the program you will understand how to positively control the mind and use it in every area of your life—promoting complete and long-lasting change.
The Program Includes:

  • Approximately 30 hours Mindful Lifestyle Coaching
  • A minimum of 6 One on One Mental Coaching Sessions
  • A Mental and Emotional Reset
  • A Minimum of 6 Customized Visualizations (Audio Files)
  • Custom Breath Work Training
  • 3 Personal Strength Training Sessions
  • Flexibility Coaching (flexible body equals flexible mind)
  • Tap Into Nature Hike
  • Daily Mental Notes
  • A Food Assessment
  • Grocery Shopping Trip with a Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • A Supplement Assessment
  • 30 Day Supply of Whole Food Based Supplements
  • All Meals Tailored to Your Specific Needs
  • 4 Nights Accommodations
  • Transportation To and From the Airport
  • Daily Transportation to Coaching

When you are immersed into this lifestyle of being mindful in every area of your life, it will change how you feel, think, and act. You will be completely surrounded with a positive environment, as everything is carefully selected for you. The various mental coaching sessions will be customized to your specific needs. The type of food you eat will be customized to your taste and to the goals that you want to accomplish mentally and physically. Your strength training will be designed to help you find balance in your body, as well as find balance in your mind at the same time.
Every aspect of this program has been meticulously thought out to give you a complete and total mental makeover. As a result, it helps change you physically as well.
Most people want to change mentally, but most do not know how to get from points A to B; this program gives you the system to help you get from points A to B. There is no magic to it. If you use the system it will work, it really is that simple.


For the first time in history there are techniques that have been scientifically developed using the physical body to regulate the chemical (emotional) body with measured, tangible results. The best part about these techniques is that the foundation is built off of two things we do every single day: breathe and visualize. These simple yet profound techniques have allowed athletes and business professionals to learn how to regulate their chemical (emotional) system, allowing them to get out of their own head and perform better.
We take this concept and incorporate it into the three pillars of life: Mental, Health, and Nutrition. Everything is designed to be fully integrated into your day whether you are a professional athlete, a businessman on the road, or a stay-at-home parent.
This is functional training in all areas of your life. Everyone who has been through the 3-day mental immersion program has come out with life-changing results—results that have held up over time with clients still maintaining control over their mental self.
If you are reading this, then you are ready to make a real change in your life. It is time to become a Mental Champ. Call me today at 323-786-3693 to schedule the most important three days of your life. Three days that will give you the tools you need to take mental control of your life.

All of this for only $15,000 total cost.
With Gratitude,

Al Fuentes