Al Fuentes is a former 2x All-American Collegiate Wrestler, 3x Academic All-American and National Qualifier in Pole Vault. As a two sport collegiate athlete he found success, but not without his fair share of self sabotage. Falling short of his athletic goals was the motivation he needed to understand what got in his way. He quickly realized he mentally wasn't prepared to perform, and subsequently spent the next 17 years trying to find the answers why. In his search he found no comfort in counselors and sports psychologists. He knew what his problems were, what he didn't know was how to fix them. This led him to doing his own research on the mind and what he could do to control it. As an athlete he knew how to physically train, but mentally he was lost. That is when he realized if he could train the mind physically like he trained the body. then he could control it. This soon became his goal, knowing that if he could use the physical body to train the mind, then he would have success and others would too.


Breathing - the first step in the system is teaching someone how to breathe to get in "THE ZONE," control how the brain fires, and increase performance. Al Fuentes' unique 4 step breathing system, based on scientific research, does just that!

Why learn how to breathe to perform?

The breath is something that is automatic. You don't think of it, it just happens and you completely accept it and pay no attention to how you are breathing. For most people, the breath is short and labored.

Now the mental body (the mind) is always checking the state of the physical body. One of the key functions the mental body checks is the breath. When the breath is labored (short, tight, restricted) or even being held, it is a sign that the body is in a distressed state.

What happens next: chaos in the mind and body. The mind sends a red alert signal and more chemicals fire in the brain on top of what is already there--compounding the problem. The body reacts by getting tighter causing an even greater tension, while circulation gets reduced from the extremities of your body. In addition, all the senses of the body get reduced which is why you are not as aware as you "used to be." This dramatically reduces performance in athletics and business; it is why you cannot get in the zone and feel like you are a half-step behind.


Visualization - Once the breathing techniques have been mastered, it can stop the brain from misfiring. That is when the visualization process takes over and can train the brain how to fire in the way you want it to.

Visualization is more than just seeing how you want to perform in your sport or your business. Even though most athletes know how to visualize in this way, this is not the type of visualization that can train the brain how to fire during the intense moments of competition.

This very advanced visualization system actually teaches the brain how to fire more calmly and efficiently, even in high stress situations (like competition). It creates a baseline or default setting that the mind and body can reset back to, free of anxiety, stress, or pressure. Fears, doubts and worries cannot come back in because the brain has been trained how to fire properly. All any athlete or business person has to do is follow Al Fuentes' visualization system. Through practice and repetition it will create strong connections in the brain's nervous system (neural net) to perform calmly and efficiently.

To sum it up, an athlete knows physically how to perform and this mental training system gets the mind out of the way so the body can do what it has been practicing its entire life.



You cannot be taught with words, in order to learn you must feel.
— Al Fuentes
I share with people all that I am, so that they can be everything they want to be. - Al Fuentes

I share with people all that I am, so that they can be everything they want to be. - Al Fuentes

Changing People's Lives

Al has been trusted by some of the most amazing men, women and children to help guide them to a state of mental control. As a result, many clients heal themselves in the process. He has worked with a wide range of clients including pro athletes in various sports, multimillionaires, actors, musicians, business executives, moms and children. The range of issues that he has successfully helped his clients get through include, but are not limited to the following.

  • Cured of Migraines
  • Cured of Asthma
  • Quit Smoking
  • Cured of High Blood Pressure
  • Release of Deep Old Emotions
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Healed Injuries 
  • Performance Jitters
  • Confidence Issues
  • Trouble Getting Pregnant
  • Weight Loss
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Clarity in Discovering Life's Work
  • Dyslexia
  • ADD

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