Setting Suffering Free by Al Fuentes

It has been said that we create our reality, and suffering is a construct of the mind. But there are those that feel different, seeing suffering as something that happens to them, not by them. The one thing that they both agree on is that neither side wants it in their life.

So, what if…

What if the side that believes that we create it--yet still don't seem to stop it for themselves--use their mind to create no suffering for the ones that think it just happens to them. 

And, what if the ones that think it happens to them--not creating it for themselves--just focus on stopping the suffering for the others, who’s mind just can't get them to stop it in their lives.

This would be evolution, and this is where the Earth is at in the paradigm. A higher level of consciousness, yet still a distraction from the self. Taking good intentions and thoughts and using them to try to influence the other side. 

You see, both are right, both are using their heads. Now that both sides of the coin are heads, there is no difference. It just becomes a coin that can equally pay for freedom from the suffering. As we pay down this debt that has accumulated for generations, we can release the liens our society has on us. As the liens go away, we will no longer feel the need to lean back. Standing upright again, with no pressure, we will find our center. As we balance, it won't be in stillness; we will slightly sway from one side to the next on the tight rope of life. Both sides being equally important to find balance. Too much right side and you fall to the right, too much left side and you fall to the left. We have been falling like this for lifetimes, we must now know a different way. A way through true equality. A way that honors both sides.

It is in the acceptance of it all, that you will find wholeness, and when you do, suffering will no longer exist.

Posted on December 9, 2013 and filed under Inspired Writings, Published Articles, Spiritual.