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The Key To Breathing In Trust Every Moment | Plus Learn To Let Go with Al Fuentes

You do not have to feel fear anymore! You are and expert at trust, in-fact you do it every second of every day. This video will help you understand how. In addition, you can let go of old emotional hurt, it just takes a simple adjustment of the mind.

Be inspired by this video and change your life for the better.

Reflecting Positively Is the Only Way

Reflection can only be healthy in a positive mind. Much like your physical body needs to live in a healthy environment, your mental body does as well. When you look at the environment of your mind what do you see? What is your perspective or outlook, because that is the key to anyone's mental environment? Is your mind clouded with negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions? If so, than your reflections will show it. Do you see yourself or your teammates struggling or do you see how blessed you all are to be given opportunities, not challenges, so you may change the world.... Read More

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The Mind and Body Partnership | How to Perform Your Best & Get in the Zone! | with Al Fuentes

My clients find the understanding of the mind and body partnership extremely important in the in life and in competition.  When they incorporate the my teachings they experience less injuries, better body response and the ability to get "In The Zone"  

Getting in the zone can be something you can create.  It doesn't just have to happen by accident but it is important to understand how to get in the zone.

This video talks about one of the simple steps to get you there.  Preparation Breath which is one of the 4 breaths in my breathing system.

I am not a sports psychologist or a counselor but I have learned how to use the physical body to master the chemical body (emotional body) to over come our mental obstacles. 

Many elite athletes have used me to take their game to the next level because its not about talking its about action. The time or talk is over, it is now time to train our mind like we train our bodies. Consistent work will make you a mental champ! 

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Are You Positive?

The Mayo Clinic conducted a study that offers insights into how positive thinking can contribute to how well - and maybe how long - you live.

According to the 2006 study on thyroid cancer survivors, optimism may be associated with a higher quality of life, both mentally and physically. Another recent study by The Mayo Clinic goes a step further, claiming that an optimist may enjoy a longer life than a pessimist. An optimist is less likely to have depression and may be more likely to maintain a healthier lifestyle, paying more attention to their diet and activity levels.

Posted on May 25, 2013 and filed under Mental Fun Facts.

A Talk Given by Al Fuentes to a Group of Physical Therapist | Understanding Mind and Body Partnership

This is a recording of a talk that was giving to a group of physical therapist. It was given on April 8th 2013 and talks about how we can better understand the mind and body connection.

It also addresses a simple principal know as "sharing is caring." How to sell more effectively by not trying to sell at all. This can be accomplished by simple sharing our abilities with others. 

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