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The Effect of Consciousness on the Body

The extent by which consciousness can take control over the body is remarkable. Biofeedback research, for example, has shown that individuals can learn to control brainwave activity, affect cardiovascular and respiratory functioning, reduce skin temperature, and voluntarily modify many other autonomic processes of the body. 

John Basmajian, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada, who is a pioneer in biofeedback research, demonstrated that people could learn to consciously control individual neurons and muscle cells. Single cell control through consciousness offers the possibility that one can affect any part of one's body, knowing how this works. 


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Using the Mind to Heal the Body: Imagery for Injury Rehabilitation

Dryw Dworsky, Ph.D. & Vikki Krane, Ph.D. 
Bowling Green State University :

Being injured is no fun! Often it means that athletes and exercisers are in pain and they are not able to participate in the sport they love. Often when we think of being injured, it means that we need to wait for the body to heal. However, what if you learned that you might be able to speed up the healing process? Research suggests that maintaining a positive attitude and using mental skills are related to a shorter rehabilitation.



Mental Health: Think it Out

(6 proven ways to use your mind to heal your body)

The man who walked into Dr. Herbert Benson's Boston office was a mess. He was a stress case at work, he suffered awful headaches, and his stratospheric blood pressure did not respond to high doses of prescription medicines.

But rather than throw more drugs at him, Dr. Benson, an M.D. who works at a Harvard-affiliated health center called the Mind/Body Medical Institute, prescribed a 10- to 20 minute daily dose of what he calls the "relaxation response": a calming exercise of muscle relaxation and controlled breathing.

"He found that, slowly and inexorably, the headaches became less profound," Dr. Benson says. "Eventually, they totally disappeared. His hypertension, which required relatively high doses of two medications, dropped so significantly that he needed only a fraction of the dose of one medication. This man gained a new perspective."

Stress is the number-one mental culprit in the delay of wound healing. Ohio State researchers studied 11 dental students, taking a chunk of flesh from the roofs of their mouths during summer vacation.

Then, 3 days before the first exam of the next school term, they took a chunk from the opposite side of each student's mouth. On average, the wounds took 40 percent longer to heal during stressful exam time than during the carefree days of summer.

"You can become a victim of the environment or the mind," says William Malarkey, M.D., director of Ohio State's clinical research center and a member of the Center for Stress and Wound Healing, "or you can proactively change the environment of your mind."

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Nutrition for the Mind | Raw Organic Spinach, Mixed Berries, & Palm Sugar | with Al Fuentes

Nutrition is a vital part of the total mind and body package.

This video talks about a quick and easy recipe for a power shake that includes raw organic spinach, mixed berries, and palm sugar (coconut sugar).

This will help the digestive system, alkaline the body, and increase muscle development.

I am not a sports psychologist, a counselor or a nutritionalist but I have learned how to use the physical body to master the chemical body (emotional body) to over come our mental obstacles. I also understand how nutrition effects the body.

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